SHOTOKAN KARATE

   Sensei Jason with  Imura Sensei 8th Dan (left) and Sawada Sensei 7th Dan (right)
                  at the 2015 Autum JKA International course in Crawley, London


          Saturday the 7th of November 2015

         Venue: Aston Fields Middle School, 
              Drummond Road, Aston Fields,
               Bromsgrove, Worcestershire,
                              B60 2ET
                           (in the main gym)

                 Time: 11.00am - 2.00pm

                    Cost: £15 per person
             if paying by cheque please make cheques
                                payable to the

Open to all Shotokan Karate groups, clubs and
associations. Places are limited and filling up fast so please book early to avoid
dissapointment. Non Shotokan Karate-Ka are very welcome to join us.

  To book your place or for more information
                please tel: 01562 67734
          or email: jlester.eka@gmail.com

       Next E.K.A. Course will be held on:
        Saturday the 27th of Febuary 2016!

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  Practising and Developing the true Art of Shotokan Karate

                    Welcome to the official site for the
                  England Karate Association (E.K.A.)


Sensei Jason Lester 4th Dan                             Sensei Stuart Hughes 6th Dan           E.K.A. President                                                   E.K.A. Vice President
          Affiliation Officer                                                       Chief Instructor

                       E.K.A. Governing Body and Technical Commitee

The England Karate Association (E.K.A.) is a non-profit independent Shotokan Karate Organisation and National Governing Body. The E.K.A. welcomes new members at any time, whether you are a novice, karate enthusiast, shotokan instructor, small group, club, association or from a different style of karate.
The England Karate Association (E.K.A.) was founded in 2011 by Jason Lester 4th Dan and co-founder Stuart Hughes 6th Dan to promote and develop the art and practice of Shotokan Karate and help improve the image of Traditional Karate. Since being established the E.K.A. have built a reputation for producing students and instructors of the highest standards.

The England Karate Association follow the teachings of Master Gichin Funakoshi 5th Dan (1868-1957), the founder of Shotokan Karate.
Times have changed but our Karate has not, we remain 'old school' in our tradition and education, our E.K.A. organisation do not take part in any aspect of sport karate.

Locally, we have a number of E.K.A. Karate clubs in Kidderminster and Bromsgrove. Classes are hard work and challenging, yet rewarding. Our aim is to teach and promote Shotokan Karate to the highest technical standard in a caring, safe environment where adults, teenagers and children can learn the art of Shotokan Karate. The E.K.A. offer individuals their first lesson Free of charge.

Outside of these areas we offer Free membership and Official Governing Body Recognition to all Shotokan students, instructors, groups, clubs and associations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The E.K.A. offers all members great opportunities including Kyu and Dan grade advancment, courses, seminars and the chance to train with top international Japanese and Okinawan instructors.

If you would like to join one of our E.K.A. Shotokan Karate clubs in Kidderminster or Bromsgrove, affiliate your Shotokan Dojo or would like more information about the E.KA., please contact us via our contact page top left.
                   E.K.A. PROFILES


  Sensei Stuart Hughes
 Rank 6th Dan
 E.K.A. Vice President and
 E.K.A. Chief Instructor
 National Coach
 Joint Grading Examiner  

Sensei Stuart Hughes started Karate back in 1974, after watching the film King Boxer. Starting with Wado-Ryu Karate under Turo Tamizaki and Peter Susuki, Sensei Hughes gained Green Belt, however, the club eventually dissolved. All was not lost as around the same time Sensei Hughes discovered dynamic Shotokan Karate-Ka, Sensei David Williams.
Sensei Williams had Bushi spirt in which he had been searching for. Sensei Williams was an inspiration to all he taught, in those early days there was no quarter given, and no grey areas.

This was old school Shotokan Karate they all thrived for, if they did not enjoy the harsh training, it would have been torture! This began a long association with the KUGB for Sensei Stuart, spanning 30 years, gaining two long service awards, a personal licence, JKA Dan grades under Sensei Enoeda and 15 years of tornament karate on various squads and individual events having won and lost a few.

Sensei Stuart opened his first Dojo in the late eighties and continued to train with Sensei Williams untill his untimely death, this was a great loss to a Karate-Ka way ahead of his time. Those early years are very dear to Sensei Hughes, like the legends who taught them back then, such as Tomita Sensei, Kawasoe Sensei, Ohta Sensei, Tanaka Sensei, Yahara Sensei, and last but not least, Enoeda Sensei, the Tiger of Shotokan Karate. Of course, being a member of the KUGB, Sensei Hughes enjoyed many years being taught under legends Senseis Andy Sherry, Bob Poyton, Frank Brennan, Bob Rhodes, Terry O Neil and Steve Cattle. It was at this time they had the honour of having Sensei Frank Brennan conducting all their courses and gradings for Forge Shotokan Karate Bromsgrove.

Words cannot explain the knowledge which they all gained in the period which they spent with such icons of Karate. Sensei Stuart left the KUGB wit a heavy heart after more than 30 years plus, howver, once again all was not lost. Another door opened for Sensei Hughes when he met Sensei Jason Lester 4th Dan, of the E.K.A. His vast knowledge of all karate styles, kata and bunkai started a fire and spirit which has driven Mr hughes on.

Due to Sensei Lester, Mr Hughes has been able to train with a wide range of notable Sensei, and also meet Sensei from the past, including Ohta Sensei and ultimately Sensei Frank Brennan!. Sensei Hughes also got to meet and personaly train with his idol, Master Morio Higannoa, for this, Sensei Hughes is eternally grateful for this and still travels up and down the country training with top international Japanese, Okinawan and British instructors as well as still teaching his Senior Dan grades at his Forge Shotokan Karate Club in Bromsgrove.

In 2013, Sensei Stuart was awarded the Rank of 6th Dan by the E.K.A. Governing Body for his outstanding dedication, contribution and loyalty to the Martial Art of Shotokan Karate.



Sensei Gary Envine
Rank: 3rd Dan
E.K.A. Governing Body Official
Assistant Grading Examiner
National Coach
Assistant Instructor
Forge Shotokan Karate Club

Sensei Gary started training in 1979, this was in the Bruce Lee era, as part of the Duke of Edinborough award scheme.
Studying under Sensei David Williams at his Charford Dojo, and Sensei Stuart Hughes in Droitwich, Sensei Gary found himself training three times a week. In June 1985, Sensei Gary passed his KUGB Shodan grade under K.Enoeda Sensei.
After the untimely death of Sensei Williams, Sensei Gary continued his training with Sensei Stuart Hughes at Garringtons, Forge Shotokan Karate Club Bromsgrove.

In the early nineties Sensei Gary tried amature boxing in Droitwich, untill Sensei Stuart Hughes asked him to join his new karate club in Bromsgrove at Stoke Prior, with this, Sensei Gary was able to take his training to another level, exploring the world of MMA and other styles of karate and martial arts.

A few years later, Sensei Jason Lester 4th Dan (E.K.A.) joined their Forge Shotokan Karate Club in Bromsgrove, both parties felt very lucky to have found one another for which, after combining the clubs together the E.K.A. become a single Shotokan Karate Organisation, keeping the traditional way and improving the image of karate.
Sensei Gary has also studied Yoga to help complement his training, with breathing and posture. In November 2013, Sensei Gary obtained his 3rd Dan, after a harsh physical examination under the E.K.A..

E.K.A. Forge Shotokan is extremely good value for money, and Sensei Gary believes it is the best open minded club in the area with a high standard and could not ask for anything more.


Sensei Bradley Holmes
Rank: 1st Dan
E.K.A. Governing Body Official
Assistant Grading Examiner
National Coach
Assistant Instructor
Forge Shotokan Karate Club

Sensei Bradley started training in 1990 at the age of 7, after being inspired by Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) in the film (the Karate Kid). He joined his local karate club which practiced Wado-Ryu under Ron Francis and trained with them for 4 years progressing to 5th Kyu (Blue Belt).

Sensei Bradley was later recommended to Forge Shotokan under Sensei Stuart Hughes, and it was only then that he realised what he had been missing. Sensei Hughes had been training in Shotokan Karate with the KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) for 25 years and brought out the best karate in Sensei Bradley. He enjoyed the physicality of Shotokan Karate and knew that Shotokan was for him. He took his first grading under Yoshinobu Ohta Sensei, JKA 7th Dan and was awarded 6th Kyu, yellow belt. Sensei Bradley remembers this being quite daunting at the time as it was his first experience training alongside a Japanese Sensei.

Whilst training at Forge Shotokan, his Karate excelled, attending numerous courses, the highlight of these being a course taken by Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan) in 1999.

In 2011, Forge Shotokan Karate Club, Bromsgrove, joined forces with the England Karate Association, and Sensei Jason Lester (4th Dan), in November the same year Sensei Bradley obtained his 1st Dan. He is currently training hard, perfecting his Kata in preparation to take 2nd Dan.

Outside the Dojo Sensei Bradley has a keen interest in Football and running, having ran numerous marathons. He has a Business MBA Degree from the University of Worcester and works as a Contracts Manager in building services within the construction industry.


Sensei Joe Hughes
Rank: 1st Dan
E.K.A. Governing Body Official
Assistant Grading Examiner
National Coach
Assistant Instructor
Forge Shotokan Karate Club

Sensei Joe Hughes started training in 1990 at the age of 6, wanting to pursue a further education, Sensei Joe took a break from training at the age of 16.

During his time training, Sensei Joe had the great honour of training with Sensei Frank Brennen, 7th Dan KUGB, in which he obtained all his grades up to 5th Kyu, Ohta Sensei, JKA 7th Dan, in which he obtained 1st Kyu. Sensei's K.Enoeda, Ian Maclaran and Cyril Cummings are also top instructors in which Sensei Joe had the great privelidge to have trained under.

Following the completion of his studies, and recovery from various surgeries, Sensei Joe resumed training at the beginning of 2013. despite Sensei Joe's break from training, and apart from being slightly rusty, it was as if he had never been away from the Dojo. His memory of Kata, Basics and training in general was to such a high technical standard that in August 2013, Sensei Joe took his 1st Dan grading under the E.K.A. Governing Body panel, passing the harsh physical examination.

Due to past surgeries, limiting some of his abilitys, Sensei Joe trains to his maximum capacity, involving himself as much as he can within the Forge Shotokan Dojo. At times there are certain exercises Sensei Joe avoids, (although very rare), in which this time he fills with Kata practice.

Sensei Joe's return to training has seen him training with JKAs Ueki Sensei, Chief instructor, Japan Karate Association, Sawada Sensei, Shimizu Sensei and Nagamoto Sensei. He continues to train hard, and travel to courses and seminars under top international Japanese instructors, Sensei Joe also visits Sensei Jason Lester's Shotokan Karate Club in Kidderminster, in which he helps teach.

Outside the Dojo, Sensei Joe is a Designer and is happily married.


Sensei Paul Warman
Rank: 1st Dan
E.K.A. Governing Body Official
Assistant Instructor
National Coach
Assistant Grading Examiner
Forge Shotokan Karate

Sensei Paul took a keen interest in the Martial Arts when he was 14, being inspired by the Jean Claude Van Damme era, he was keen to find a local club where he could train, and maybe one day, achieve his dream of becoming a black belt.

Upon joining Sensei Stuart Hughes Forge Shotokan Karate Club in Bromsgrove, and being affiliated with the KUGB at that time, Sensei Paul knew immediatley that this club was for him. The teaching style and knowledgeable approach to the application of basics techniques, Kata and Kumite provided a solid foundation of which built many years of training.

Not only was this a great club to be part of, it gave Sensei Paul great opportunities to train and grade under many 'greats', including Sensei Frank Brennan, Sensei Enoeda and Sensei Ohta, grading up to 1st Kyu status.

Sadly, due to a recurring injury, Sensei Paul was forced to take a break from training in which he felt that this was going to stand in the way of realising his ambition. However, returning back to training at Forge Shotokan in 2013 and affiliating with the E.K.A., founded by Sensei Jason Lester, Sensei Paul immersed himself fully into his training and finally achieving 1st Dan grade in August 2013. Again, despite his break from training, it was as if he had never been away and excelled in Basics, Kata and Kumite.

Recognising that he had reached the end of one journey, a new one has now begun. Sensei Paul is training harder than ever, improving his karate, learning more advanced techniques and applications with the aim of gaining 2nd Dan in the future. Sensei Paul's favourite Kata is Empi, and Age-Empi being his favourite technique.


Sensei Jason Lester
Rank: 4th Dan
E.K.A. Founder and President
Affiliation Officer
National Coach
Joint Grading Examiner
Chief Instructor
Shotokan Karate Club

Sensei Jason started training in 1987, after watching the hit 1984 family film 'The Karate Kid'. Sensei Jason joined the SKA (Sport Karate Alliance), unable to find a good local Shotokan Karate Club in and around the area at that time.

In 1999, he obtained his 1st Dan under the SKA, however, unhappy with his training and in the same year, he changed over to Shukokai Karate under the SKF (Shukokai Karate Federation) under Sensei Eddie Daniels. In 2002, and due to personal reasons Sensei Jason left the SKF and joined the KSKA (Kobushi Shukokai Karate Association), headed by Sensei John Harris 6th Dan. In 2009, Sensei Jason left the KSKA and started his own club.

It was in the same year that he folded his landscaping Business to follow his life long dream to become a professional full time karate instructor, Sensei Jason founded the Kidderminster Karate Association in 2009. Busy with his club, and throughout 2010, Sensei Jason was looking for a like minded karate club for his own personal training with senior black belts to no avail. In December of 2010, and by chance, he found Sensei Stuart Hughes Forge Shotokan Karate Club in Bromsgrove.

After a lengthly phone call, Sensei Stuart invited Jason to go and train at Forge Shotokan, he was so impressed by the training and standard of the club that he continues to this day making the 30 mile round trip to train under Sensei Hughes. In 2011, Sensei Jason founded the England Karate Association (E.K.A.), a few months later, Sensei Stuart Hughes and his Dan graded students joined the E.K.A., becoming a single style Shotokan Karate Organisation and National Governing Body. Due to all the E.K.A. members efforts, the E.K.A. has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

Sensei Jason has been extremely fortunate to have trained under many great Sensei's, in which they are, Steve, Matt and James Winsper, John CrankShaw, Eddie Daniles, Solfrid Daniles and Audan Daniles, John Harris, Steve Bodycote, Martin Green, Stuart Hughes, Mario Reho, Ohta Sensei JKA, Ueki Sensei, JKA, Sawada Sensei, JKA, Shimizu Sensei, JKA,  Nagamoto Sensei, JKA, Sensei Frank Brennan, KUGB, Morio Higannoa Sensei, Goju-Ryu, Nakamura Sensei, Tsukada Sensei, Shito-Ryu and Justo Diguez, KFM.

Sensei Jason is proficient in both the Pinan and Heian Kata's, and many other advanced Kata's from both Shukokai and Shotokan Karate. Being an ex doorman, Sensei Jason has a unique realistic approach to Bunkai, to which is of great interest to those he teaches. Sensei Jason has been invited to other Karate clubs to teach his ideas on courses and seminars.

Sensei Jason continues to teach and train hard under his Sensei, Stuart Hughes, and also continues to travel the country to train with top international Japanese and British instructors.


                            FORGING EXCELLENCE

                                Tel: 01562 67734

                      email: jlester.eka@gmail.com


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