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   Practising and Developing the true Art of Shotokan Karate

                      Welcome to the official site for the
                    England Karate Association (E.K.A.)

                                             Sensei Jason Lester  4th Dan
                                            President and Chief Instructor

                                  For all inquires   

                               Tel: 01562 67734

                          email: jlester.eka@gmail.com
                                 Kidderminster Karate

                               Karate in Kidderminster

                      Shotokan Karate in Kidderminster

                        Kidderminster Shotokan Karate

                                   Wyre Forest Karate

                                Foley Park Karate Club

                                  Brintons Park Karate

                               Sutton Park Road Karate

                            Stourport Road Karate Club

                            Kidderminster Karate Club

                    Kidderminster Shotokan Karate Club

                         Shotokan Karate Kidderminster

                          Kidderminster Fitness Classes

                  Self-Defence Classes in Kidderminster

                       Fitness Classes in Kidderminster

                    Kidderminster Self-Defence Classes

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